Scotch-Fix™ Interior Mounting Tape 4496G-1950-P, 19mm x 5m, 1 roll/pack

  • 3M ID 7100263168
  • UPC 04046719732227

Can hold up to 7kg,1kg/22cm

Ideal for Painted Surfaces

No more drilling

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  • Can hold up to 7kg,1kg/22cm
  • Ideal for Painted Surfaces
  • No more drilling
  • Temperature resistant from 0°C to 40°C
  • Designed For: Painted Drywall, Finished Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Tile and Glass
  • Intended for indoor use only
  • No tools needed
  • Application Instructions 1. Clean the surface with alcohol and let dry. 2. Apply the tape as shown on the picture 3. Push firmly for 60 seconds. WARNING: Do not hang in areas where injury might occur if mounted object were to fall. This product has a permanent adhesive and may cause damage if removed. Do not use on wallpaper or delicate surfaces. Ensure surface is flat, smooth, and able to hold mounted objects. Entire tape surface must adhere completely to both sides. Application temperature 10° C - 37° C

Scotch-Fix™ Interior Mounting Tape. Holding up to 7 kg, this foam tape can be used indoor and is ideal on painted drywall, finished wood, metal, acrylic, tile and glass.

Scotch-Fix™ Interior Double-Sided Mounting Tape is ideal for painted surfaces and allows you to quickly and easily beautify and organize your space. Whether you’re creating a gallery wall or fixing the family wall planner, this permanent double-sided foam tape holds up to 7kg and delivers a strong bond every time because of its premium 3M™ industrial adhesive. Your work is up and ready to admire in 60 seconds – no nails or hammer needed. Express your creativity with the powerful adhesion of Scotch-Fix™ Interior Double-Sided Mounting Tape.

Suggested applications
  • Repairing or Mounting e.g. kitchen roll holder, chalkboards, keyring holder, desk organizers