Scotch® wrapping tapes

Wonderful wrapping made easy with Scotch® Tape.

Want to make sure your perfect gift is perfectly presented? With the range of Scotch® Tapes available we can help you make your gift look even more special. We have a range of tapes to help you with your festive tasks - from gift wrapping to festive crafting to decoration hanging.



  • Scotch® Gift-Wrap Tape
    • Scotch® Gift-Wrap Tape holds firm and disappears on most gift wrap paper
    • Difficult to detect on paper helping you create a beautifully wrapped present
    • Unique satin finish
    • Great for intricate wrapping
    • Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the original invisible tape with a matte finish
    • Versatile to handle many gift wrapping needs
    • Perfect for gift labelling as it is writable
  • Scotch® Magic™ Tape
  • Scotch® Crystal Tape
    • Scotch® Crystal Tape is ideal for wrapping, sealing and mending
    • Has a glossy finish and holds firm
    • Reliable to help you tackle even the most challenging gift shapes
    • Great for more adventurous wraps
    • Scotch® Double Sided Tape is a great option if you don't want to see a trace of tape on your finished gifts
    • Being sticky on both sides means it's ideal for those creatively wrapped gifts
    • Doesn't leave behind a sticky mess
    • Great for holding ribbons, bows and those special finishing touches to your gifts
  • Scotch® Double-Sided Tape
  • Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape
    • Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape sticks securely but removes cleanly from wood, painted walls, metal, mirrors and glass*
    • Ideal for lightweight items like cards and tinsel**
    • Easily turn your wall space into a festive celebration
      • * Not recommended for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces or flat paint. May damage paper upon removal. Maximum recommended weights is 14g. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion. Test before using.
        ** Hang lightweight items (up to 14g) for up to 30 days on walls, fridges, windows & mirrors & more!
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